The History of Maruso Soy

Maruso Soy Sauce is produced by Wuan Chuang Food, Inc. Located in the famous soy sauce producing town of Shiluo, Taiwan, this company was founded, by our great-grandfather Ching L. Chuang, as the Maruso Soy Sauce Company in 1909, during Japan's colonization of Taiwan. The company has remained in the family for generations, passing from his sons to his grandsons. At the end of World War II, after the Chinese gained autonomy of the island, the company name was changed to the Wuan Chuang Foods, Inc. During the years of colonization and even many years after, families fondly called our black bean soy sauce "Maruso."

Over the years, Wuan Chuang has produced the most popular gourmet soy sauce and food products in Taiwan. We proudly celebrated our Centennial in 2009. A new visitors' center was opened at our factory that year and we were honored to host a visit from Taiwan's President who even participated in the soy sauce making process first hand.

Maruso Soy Sauce history