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Mpls-St. Paul Magazine

“The soy sauce is dazzling: thick as motor oil, salty and meaty and mushroomy, a super-powered boost of umami that could take the world by storm.”

—Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl, Mpls-St. Paul Magazine
August 2012

St. Paul Pioneer Press

Most cooks have a secret sauce they can pull out when the need strikes. If you've been searching for your own "it" ingredient, you'll want to know about Maruso Soy Sauce. Think of it as the Grey Poupon of Taiwan. It's versatile, all-natural, gluten-free and tastes like soy rather than salt.

Use it to marinate meat or fish, to drizzle over fried eggs or steamed vegetables, to jazz up soups and salad dressings. The possibilities are endless.

The soy sauce has been produced in Taiwan by the same family-run company for more than 100 years. Now, it has been renamed and rebranded for the American audience. There are no secret ingredients. It's just soybeans, sea salt, cane sugar and rice. Most soy sauces are made with yellow soybeans; Maruso uses the more expensive black soybeans and ferments them for six months in clay pots. The result is a sauce that's thicker, sweeter, more flavorful and lower in sodium than mass-produced commercial brands.

Right now, Maruso Soy Sauce is available only at Seward and Wedge co-ops in Minneapolis and online at The company is working on expanding availability. A bottle costs $11.99. Steep? Maybe. But it's still a small price to pay for something that's always there for you.

—Kathie Jenkins, St. Paul Pioneer Press
May 26, 2011

Twin Cities Live

Customer Testimonial

July, 2014, California

Praise from a customer

March 2014, NY

I have never written a company regarding their product, however, this product is so delicious I decided to drop a note. I bought both the plain soy and the ghost and enjoyed them both. I have bought a couple bottles for others and they were just as surprised as I was in the difference in taste and quality. Thanks for a great product. I hope you do not change the family recipe or production method. Fran C., Syracuse

Another happy customer

Sept. 2014, Kentucky

Try this w/ eggplant fritata's, it's really good!!! Thanx 4 creating such a gr8 product:)